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Brewing Guide

Below are our suggested guides to brewing your perfect cup at home!


Brew time: 2 minutes
Grind: Medium fine
Coffee: 16g
Water: 250ml
Temp: 94°C

Add the filter paper to the Aeropress and rinse with water
Place the Aeropress in the inverted position
Add your coffee to the brew chamber
Place the Aeropress on the scales and reset to zero
Start timer and add 100ml of water
Stir 5 times to ensure all grounds are wet
Add a further 150ml of water then add cap
Brew until your timer reads 1.30
Place your Aeropress on top of your cup and press down firmly, this should take 30 seconds if your grind is perfect. If it takes longer, the grind is too fine, quicker too coarse.


Brew time: 5 minutes
Grind: Coarse
Coffee: 50 – 60g (15g for small cafetière)
Water: 850ml (350ml for small cafetière)
Temp: 94°C

Half fill your cafetiere with boiling water
Discard water then add coffee
Pour water just off the boil ( 94°C ) to half fill cafetiere
After 1 minute the coffee will bloom and form a crust, stir 3 times
Add remaining water to fill cafetiere
Place plunger on the top of cafetiere to stop the heat escaping
Set timer for 4 minutes
Plunge then pour immediately.


Brew time: 2.30 minutes
Grind: Medium fine

Coffee: 16g
Water: 250ml
Temp: 94°C

Place the V60 over your cup and add filter paper
Rinse hot water through the filter then disgard
Add your coffee to the cone keeping the level flat
Put the V60 and cup onto a scale, start timer
Pour 50ml of water ensuring to soak all the coffee until it blooms
Continue to pour remaining water in circles over the coffee not the sides of the filter paper, this process should have taken 90 seconds
Let the V60 drip for a further 2 -3 minutes 

Brew time: 22 – 28 seconds
Grind: Very fine
Coffee: 18g
Water: 35ml
Temp: 94°C

Grind your coffee directly into your portafilter for best results, ideally with an on demand grinder and tamp with 30lbs of level pressure
Flush your grouphead for 3 seconds
Place the portafilter in the espresso machine and start extraction immediately, start timer
After approx 25 seconds stop extraction, you should have 35 – 40mls of espresso. If this takes longer you should alter your grind as it is too fine, alternatively under 22 seconds it’s too coarse.